I have Amy Pond's wedding dress!
The dress is by designer Ben de Lisi, and I luffs it. It is also the same dress that Amy Pond wore in her wedding on doctor who season five. I am going to wear it for my wedding. Mine is a size 14, which is a US size 12, approximately. Its a teeny bit loose, but I am going to wait a little while before having it taken in so that I don't have to do it twice if/when I lose some weight.

The getting of the dress is a good story. I desperately wanted this dress but didn't know where to find it. No one had it anymore and the few ebay auctions I found were all sold or expired. I had given up and was resigned to just finding something close and modifying it when I noticed something that looked similar on ebay while just going through the listings. I clicked it and realized that it was the exact dress, labeled only as strapless wedding dress size 14, no mention of the designer or Amy. It was in the last fifteen minutes of auction and in my exact dress size. The lady didn't even know how cool it was, and had simply gotten another one. I snatched it up, and panicked a little because it said pick-up only and she was in england. I was seriously prepared to take my fiance and fly to get it, or have someone pick it up and mail it to me, but she was nice enough to mail it to me anyway. We then had a panic about the fact that it took weeks to get here, but it is here at last.

The dress has a lot more detail in person than you can see in the pictures online or in the episode. There are sequins scattered sparingly in between the flowers and the overall effect is very pretty. The tule is surprisingly soft and heavy. I expected it to be stiffer and more scratchy, but it hangs very well this way.

My fiance knows that I don't really like diamonds so he got me an amber and amethyst engagement ring. I luffs him more than my dress. Our wedding is going to be extremely Brittish considering that the ring also came from England and our entire wedding is going to be themed after Doctor Who.

The dress is a wee bit long for me. I'm going to wear very tall shoes and pray for balance, and also probably have it shortened a bit in the front at least. It is meant to have a bit of a gap above the ground in the front, like here.


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